The Spiritual Mechanism



As the mind and emotions are housed in the physical body and are functions of the physical man, so too the spiritual body has its own sensitive and naturally used complex mechanism. This mechanism is in every way as complete a system as that which an ordinary person uses in his life and must be separated from the mechanism that runs the physical life of a man. It is very much as trying to hear a bird sing in the middle of a city – you have to go to a place where there are open spaces and trees – to contact the inner self one must also, as a novice, begin with special conditions.

First one must recognize that there is the dimension of ordinary life – and then the dimension of extraordinary life. You have a dimension which requires a different muscle and nervous system. As much as you spend years teaching a child to walk and talk, so too you must strengthen these muscles which carry spiritual energy. They have to be used and the use increased until they are strong enough to support the flow of experience that constitutes a spiritual life. Only as a child is supported by his parent, so is the spiritual child supported by his teacher so that his development is natural and healthy. Trying to force development will lead to crippling the person and twisting the mechanism. It is essential to separate the mind and emotions from the psyche since they are different dimensions.

This exercise is very simple. One either works in a group or by himself to quiet his mind and emotions by using a point of contact – a teacher or object – as he opens within himself to his deeper or inner self.

The man who undertakes these exercises must either have a belief in God or a higher force or power or else deeply believe in a great potential within himself. It is necessary for the exercise is one of surrender, or removing blocks continually to allow this higher force to begin a process of destroying the ego or physical or lower force of the person doing these exercises.


Using the object or teacher, sitting in as relaxed a position as possible, the person must find, through some deep need of wishing to grow a sincere wish and with that wish brought inside the chest (heart area), ask deeply as though there were a voice in the chest as from there for help to surrender. This must be repeated several times until there is a sensation of an opening as the opening of a flower.

This is the beginning of the second dimension or spiritual world. The opening is that inner wish that opens the mechanism of the person so that there is a place for the higher force to enter. The whole exercise is to keep the opening in chest open and deepen it by relaxing and asking for help within this area. One is breaking down the blocks or level of the ordinary dimension and allowing for the change of forces to enter, this opening starting a chemical change and using and exercising the spiritual muscles. The opening within or surrender must be continuous during the exercise to enable the force to enter and begin the process of spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is a process of exercising and expanding the psychic muscle and nervous system until it becomes a controlled process which can be used at will. It also becomes in time a continuous process which works together with the ordinary life process as a blind man uses a seeing eye dog. A growing spiritual life adds a quality and depth to life.

The thing that truly separates man from his spiritual life is layers and layers and layers of fat. Laziness and dreams do not make for evolvement. Work and hard work is the essential ingredient.

There is in every novice the ego that feels it can work alone. Doing inner work requires continual supervision and it is essential to break down the ego. The teacher has to be strong enough to act as the instrument to destroy ego.

A very essential thing about the relationship between the student and the teacher is the understanding of the difference in dimension between the two. On first meeting the presence of the teacher should implant upon the student of the difference. (One should only study with someone one feels is beyond themselves.) There should also be a sense of respect and security within the student. Indians call their teacher Baba or father. After a short period of relationship, the ego of the student and the beginning of the unrest caused by the upheaval within causes a possible attack upon the teacher. It is on this first change that the student should try to remember his original feelings and reaffirm them. The growth during the initial period of study is only possible by a continued act of faith and this is easier if there is no….

It is the flow of force between student and teacher that is the conscious exchange which evolves both. A great teacher is a great student and a great student is a great teacher so that there is always a balance between them. It is for the student to remove all blocks and search himself to set the relationship back into harmony. A teacher should be the servant of the student and so he has the right to ask the teacher at any time for help in overcoming obstacles in the flow of relationship.

The flow is the highest creative force which the teacher can open to and with the…..

Michelle Valentino