The Formation of the Spiritual Being

Hotel Okura (Tokyo) Letterhead - Undated


The formation of the soul or higher spiritual being within a man takes place under very particular circumstances. Being of an entirely different dimension it is only formed during the period of time when these conditions of another dimension are present.

The whole purpose of spiritual, religious or philosophy is for the growth of the man. As in nature the conditions must be understood to allow for this growth. All the deep ideas and work ever done is of no value unless it produces the end product which is evolvement.

In every part of the word the conditions set down for inner work differ. There are more ways for man to pursue this unknown than all the combined theories of everything in the world. They all result in the same which is nothing or close to it. Only the exceptional man who is born gifted within grows. This is in spite of everything wrong that he does. It is just that his seed is strong enough to withstand the battle and still produce. Unfortunately the product falls far short of the possibility if it were 100% fulfilled.

The secret of this possibility has to do with developing the soul of a man under proper conditions. This seed of the soul can only grow in its native soil. The soil is that which exists on the second dimension or within spiritual man. This is simply the complete surrender of the physical self during the short exercises. When the soul grows to the point of bearing it becomes a continual process.

The surrender or letting go of the physical self frees the spiritual self which is buried underneath. During these periods of work the spiritual man develops but as the periods are for ½ to 1 hour each day it takes many years until the inner man grows strong enough to make itself known.

The enormous and complex work of all spiritual groups and organizations that have any result are those when stripped of all the drama have within them some ex[ercise?] which allows for the separation of the physical and spiritual self.. The good + bad +……

Michelle Valentino